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Finally. A budgeting tool built for customers. Made by a customer.

When Zubin Gidwani founded Dynamic Budgets in 2010, he was working for public companies in a dual capacity as Assistant Controller and Financial System Administrator. With operating budgets of $100M+, his role was to directly manage the budgeting and reporting processes. He had the displeasure of being the corporate wizard who had to generate Excel budget templates for their 600 departments spanning across agriculture, hospitality, commercial leasing, real estate development, public utilities, food and beverage, retail, and events management, to name a few.

Frustrated by the lack of easy to use, affordable budgeting tools, he assembled a team and set out to build a better budgeting solution. More than a decade later, Dynamic Budgets has been used in hundreds of organizations in a variety of industries.
If you’re looking for a budgeting solution that will let you start entering your budget in a day or two (and eliminate 100-200 hours of costly implementation and training time), Dynamic Budgets is the solution for you. As part of your extended team, we can help you get the budgeting, forecasting, and reporting you need. With far less hassle.

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