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Sheila Etelamaki, Head of Support

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Sheila joined Dynamic Budgets in August 2018 as a Support Consultant, after being a delighted customer of their budgeting expertise and tools.  She has done executive-level as well as hands-on accounting, budgeting, and IT administration for more than 30 years for a variety of not-for-profit organizations, including a public university, service organizations, a foundation, and an independent governmental authority. The operating budgets ranged from $3 million to $76 million.  Budgeted operating income came from varying sources such as retail sales (aviation fuel; retail stores), fund raising events, tuition and fees, or government appropriations; grant and contract revenues and expenditures were significant as well.  Budget control was integral to the success of each organization, but often the budget development process was not fully understood until facing a financial crisis. 
Sheila was mentored in process improvement and using tools to their fullest advantage early in her career, and she has enjoyed bringing these skills to each job, implementing unique budget models and tools as needed.  She has done in-house training and support and has spoken at numerous international user conferences.  Sheila has BBA and MBA degrees.
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