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Zubin Gidwani, CEO & Founder

Prior to founding Dynamic Budgets in 2010, Zubin worked as Assistant Controller and Financial System Administrator for public companies with operating budgets of over $100M. He quickly became the “go to guy,” generating Excel budget templates for 600 departments with dramatically diverse business models.

Knowing there must be a better way, he started looking for a budgeting software solution that didn’t didn’t require 100+ hours to implement. He never found one, so he assembled a team and built Dynamic Budgets. The goal was to create a budgeting software application that was sophisticated enough for a government entity or publicly held corporation, but simple enough (and affordable enough) for a small business to use.

Zubin holds an MBA from Anderson School at UCLA and has a lifetime of stories from the budgeting trenches. He can translate marketing job cost codes into GL codes, can decrypt HR’s vague benefit rate explanations, and has unlocked the mystery of allocations, creating a common budgeting language across complex organizations. When he’s not dreaming about spreadsheets, you may find him out surfing, playing with his dog Sandy, and spending time with his family.
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