Welcome Directions North America 2024 Partners

Customer Profile:
have outgrown / don't want to budget in Excel
  • Non-technical, non-financial staff who are gifted at breaking excel
  • Looking for a standard interface easy to roll out quickly
  • No desire to create/manage budget templates
  • Customers with 100s or thousands of departments, cost centers,  or projects
Industries Served:
  • Healthcare
  • Not for Profit
  • Industry Associations
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics
  • Professional Sports
Why Dynamic Budgets
  • No limit for line-items per budget
  • No per-user pricing
  • Customers who want a quick deployment
  • Typically, 10 hours training and setup to go-live
  • 30 hours for a complex healthcare organization
  • Our competitors typically quote 100-200 hours

Are you migrating the customer's legacy data to BC?

(maybe only Account balances & current year transactions?)

Let us help!

  • Budgeting customers typically want to access years of historical data and drill down to transactions
    (why did we spend $40k last April - do we need to re-budget that...)
  • Dynamic Budgets can store the legacy data, and remap that history to present it at the bottom of the budgeting interface as if it was BC data!